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Top Ten Tuesdays: New-To-Me Authors I Read For The First Time In 2016


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish and this weeks topic is new-to-me authors which I find it to be an easy topic because I mostly read books by authors I have never heard of anyway. So enjoy my post for todays top ten tuesday 😀

Elizabeth Hoyt

  • Damn! I love her books. Just adore them and I legit question why I have never read her works before. Why, Ezza, why???! So far I have read ‘Wicked Intentions‘ and ‘Duke of Pleasure‘ by her from her Maiden Lane series but so far I have only reviewed ‘Duke of Pleasure’. Not to worry I will review ‘Wicked Intentions’ soon enough if only I can find my notebook of where I re-wrote my review.


Sandrone Dazieri

  • Ugh guys! I really want to share my review of his book with you guys but I have to wait until January next year. His book ‘Kill the Father’ is just SO GOOD! I swear I had goosebumps reading the book, I’d love to read more but he primarily writes in Italian and this is his first English novel. For his first English novel, he is good. This is the first book I have ever rated 5 in my book blog but I haven’t posted any reviews because the publisher says I gotta publish it when its near the publication date. I highly recommend this book to anybody who loves reading about murder mysteries with protagonists who are less than perfect with a knockout plot-twist at the end.
  • 31204505.jpg


Sonali Dev

  • Sonali Dev’s book ‘A change of heart‘ is the second book I gave a 5 rating (review is still pending… sorry guys). The reason why I gave her book a 5 rating is because it hit me in the feels. With ‘Kill the Father’ I gave it a 5 because of the plot and the plot-twist and the writing and other technical stuff but for Sonali’s book it was more because of feels rather than anything technical.
  • 28439648


Gillian Flynn

  • I have never read anything by Miss Flynn and ‘Gone Girl‘ is my first book from her and the book is to be honest quite effed up. Enough said. it’s just so diabolical and for my two cents on the book you can read my review of it here. Aha! See I do have a few reviews of books I enjoy ahahaha.
  • 19288043


Lisa Unger

  • Lisa’s book ‘Ink and Bone‘ is also another book that is worth reading in my opinion. The POV narration gets confusing but once you push through that the  plot is just amazing and heartbreaking at the same time. You can read my review here.
  • 27276336


Peter Bartram

  • Stop Press Murder‘ was also a good read for me this year. I seriously wish Netgalley gave me the first book though because I kid you not sometimes when I read books from Netgalley it is not in order. AT ALL! For the Maiden Lane series I’d read the first one then skip 9 books and read the 10th one. You read me right I skipped all 9 books. Not one or two but NINE. So yeah understand my pain when I find out this book is the second in the series and I am like makes sense why I have no idea on some parts of the plot. It is not a lot but definitely enough to make me annoyed and wonder. My review is here btw.
  • 29886791


Sarah Morgan

  • Her book ‘Miracle on 5th avenue‘ was read when I was DEEP in my romance books phase and surprisingly I enjoyed the book. I thought I wouldn’t but I did except the ending, I didn’t enjoy that one but everything else I definitely enjoyed especially when they described the male protagonist. My mind was all ‘Hello, gorgeous’. I haven’t done the review for this too. I am starting to feel that I had a reading slump because I read all good books and was scared to jinx the good streak so I stopped reading altogether hahahahha.
  • 28590927


So far those are the new authors of which their books I really enjoyed. There are other new authors of which whose books I have read but I did not enjoy them as much as I did with these authors. It is not a lot now that I see it but early of the year I spent re-reading my fav books.


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