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How Book Blogging *coughs*Netgalley*coughs* Changed My Reading Habits

I review more and less books Confusing I know. I review more books from Netgalley but review less hardcopy books from libraries or my own books unless I run out of reviews for my Netgalley books then any draft reviews from other sources will do to keep my blog up and running. I do this… Continue reading How Book Blogging *coughs*Netgalley*coughs* Changed My Reading Habits


Pelukis Jalanan… A Review

Title: Pelukis Jalanan Author: Teme Abdullah Publisher: Iman publication Published: January 2016 Source: Library Rating: 5/5 I am quite prejudiced against my own race especially when it comes to  literature which explains why I rarely if ever read any Malay books. Not to say I don’t, I do, just very very rarely. The last Malay… Continue reading Pelukis Jalanan… A Review


Encounters With a Rogue… A Review

  Title: Encounters With a Rogue Author: Deb Marlowe Published: 7 March 2017 Source: Netgalley Rating: 3.5/5 Summary An Unexpected Encounter Tall, practical girls might not be worth much in man’s world, but Miss Lisbeth Moreton knows she’s worth more than the squire’s prized heifer. To change her fate, she’s run off to a date… Continue reading Encounters With a Rogue… A Review